Samuel Taylor Photography



We believe that event photography is about these simple things:

Clear, bright images that capture key moments and tell the story of your event.


The service that we provide:

• We use professional camera equipment and suitable lighting to shoot your social event.

* Add to the excitement of proceedings by capturing shots of your guests and shooting key moments of interaction between them.

• Work with you beforehand to understand your requirements and objectives, so that we can ensure that we deliver the images that meets your needs entirely


After the event you will receive:

• Professional, creative images that wil tell the story of your event and serve as a great record.

• All images go through post production which involves; cropping, brightness and contrast tweaks, colour correction etc. to ensure that your images have that "WOW factor"!

• A secure online gallery for you and your guests to view the images, and if you wish, make print orders.


Why hire a professional event photography company:

For corporate social events: Today's consumer is more image-savy than ever before. If you're hosting an event, you need to make sure your photography is giving the right message about your project or brand. If you cut corners, you may be damaging the perceived quality of your company profile.

for a personal social event: If you go with our approach to social event photography you're guaranteed to get stylish, brillian results that will act as wonderful memories and have your guests talking about your event for a long time after.

Social Event Party Photography